In order to disguise her husband, this woman’s affair with plastic surgery

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Husband was murdered, plastic surgery manipulated to pretend to be her husband, and her husband’s parents sent money for their son’s plastic killing costs.
Complicated? You see.

A woman in Telugu, India named Swati Reddy fell in love again with Rajesh Ajjakolu. They then killed Swati’s husband, Sudhakar Reddy on 26 November – his body was burnt the next day.

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On November 28, the cheating partner pretended to be the victim of the attack. In the fake incident Rajesh Ajjakolu’s face was intentionally doused with acidic substances, to have his face damaged, and plastic surgery possible.

The goal, later Rajesh Ajjakolu with the face of plastic surgery that will pretend as Sudhakar Reddy who had been killed. Hopefully, this couple will live happily all the time.

Rajesh Ajjakolu was taken to the hospital with burns on his face.
Initially everything was smooth. Even the deceased’s parents can be deceived: they are willing to pay a plastic surgery fee of 500,000 rupees (over Rp105 million) for allegedly lying in the hospital their child.

What power, the victim’s sister sniffed something while visiting her ‘brother’ in the hospital.

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The younger brother conveyed his suspicions to the police, who then conducted a fingerprint test.

Uncover the conspiracy. And the police arrested Swati Reddy.

While Rajesh Ajjakolu, the lover, the police said, will only be arrested later if he has finished undergoing treatment at the hospital.

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