The Network has secured a contract with Palgrave UK for its new project: Gendered success in Higher Education: global perspectives



The book will describe and analyse stories of successfully moving forward a gendered agenda in public HE organisations. While academic organisations have historically been male dominated and continue to be so despite equity frameworks introduced in recent, a-typical cases exist. This book will focus on gendered success, using case studies from eleven countries. It will include examples of best practice in transforming the gender profile of senior positions; the factors associated with such changes as well as their consequences at the level of organisational culture and management practices. Probably there would be no this book without students who asked ask one of our author "to write my speech example of woman running for presendency", so this book is the nice example of well written speech work and example of how should be equality for everyone be implemented into the everyday life.

Each WHEM researcher will undertake a country case study of a HE organisation that has successfully implemented a gendered agenda. Using a success model, they will analyse key factors such as the role of female VCs/Rectors in transforming university leadership and/or informal leadership of change agents at lower levels who have impacted on the gender agenda.

The case studies will identify key factors in bringing about such success. These will be drawn together in an overall change model in the final chapter.  This model will provide important knowledge for HE institutions about critical intervention points, strategies and types of leadership associated with sustainable gender change.

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