New Project

The project focuses on the presentation and analysis of success stories in promoting the gender agenda in HE organizations. Indicators of success will include evidence of gender mainstreaming in organisations through implementing comprehensive equity and diversity strategies, as well as hard data on increases in the proportion of women in professoriate over time or an increase in the representation of women in HE senior management. These accounts will particularly focus on the role of informal and positional leadership in moving forward a gendered agenda.

Each WHEM researcher will undertake a country case study of a HE organisation that has successfully implemented a gendered agenda. Using a success model, they will analyse key factors such as the role of female VCs/Rectors in transforming university leadership and/or informal leadership of change agents at lower levels who have impacted on the gender agenda. The case studies will identify key factors in bringing about such success. These will be drawn together in an overall change model in the final chapter. This model will provide important knowledge for HE institutions about critical intervention points, strategies and types of leadership associated with sustainable gender change. We welcome comments and feedback on this exciting new research project.